Welcome to my Game room

I made all the custom decor for my game room including custom signs, back lit signs, machine stands, etc

I make a back-lit wall light that looks like a pinball machine back box, using NOS translites , actual machine artwork

and using custom printed artwork

Game room door, with Big Guns translite in the window.

Non current setup, it is always changing here is how it looked filled with Pachislo and Pachinko's

I made a pachi-stand on wheels for the pachinko's, a shot of the guts of a Bally 70's quarter slot

Custom sign's made right here in Michigan

This room started as an unfinished damp basement corner, First I had to repair the foundation and drain tile system.

I added walls and floor, It was a weight room and an occasional bedroom at first.

My first two Pachislo's lived in the living room.  I have added a few since then.


Belly glass wall lights and artwork

AutomATic, Nishjin Super Deluxe, Bow Wow pachinko , Sindbad Adventure, Fever The King

My first PINBALL's

Shots taken out in the garage when I first bought them

  Gotlieb Monte Carlo my first machine                               1967 Super Score                        Gone but not forgotten Spy Hunter


1987 Gottlieb / Premier Monte Carlo sweet multi ball pin with a roulette wheel 

the original translite was deteriorated and falling apart so I bought a Monte Carlo flyer from Ebay and

scanned and edited the image to make the custom translite for the machine, It is slightly different from the original while still looking

factory installed, the guys in the back are Gott exec's the guy in the black tux is staring at the blonde's rear

and 1967 Gottlieb Super Score 4 flippers with roulette wheel 'spin a ball' feature

the first two pinball machines to make in the game room, Super Score and Monte Carlo

I managed to shoe horn in my Who Dunnit? the Playfield to the Silverball Mania is under the pins

the Project machines; WMS Stellar Wars, Bally Silverball Mania

Newer WMS games


Twilight Zone is one of the best machines ever made                                                                         Big Guns                              


The Machine, AKA Bride of Pinbot A sweet tease! repaired and repainted.

This is a shot of my office inside was the TZ & BG with 1952 Hokoku 2friki pachinko and Nishijin Super Deluxe

I added an Epson 7600 (24" photo printer) and had to re-arrange again.

I made a wall mount cabinet for the 1952 2friki pachinko

More recent photo's with the penguin Paradise pachislo/ refrige



I have lights and things everywhere


I made this custom pinball themed wall light for a client

This is almost full size. I custom made the decals for the sides to fit this size light box.

This resembles very closely the actual back-box of the pinball machine.  It has the classic wedge style trapezoidal sides

I custom made the hardware, no pinball machine was injured to produce this light.

I have made other 'back-box wall lights' using new old stock or reproduction translite found on Ebay etc.



These have not made it into the game room but here are the 'garage machines'



I converted a Wai Pulsar pachislo into a nickel one arm bandit, renamed to Frogger          1981 Stargate               

I have a few videos on YouTube

check out my Pachi chamo'ed fridge!


check out my videos!