Custom Mantle for Mark


Each column is a 12 stave cylinder, duct tape makes it easier to assemble the staves, it handles like a tambour




I made a hickory pattern of the profile for the columns and traced it into each of the 5 blanks

I used my Copy Carver to cut the patterns, I didn't have or want a lathe tracer large enough to make the columns. 

I mounted the blanks into the lathe and started turning down to the traced in profile.

I managed to turn the last few from rough blank with traced profile to a 220 grit sanded column in about an hour each.


I made 4 identical columns and one with a crown molding profile at the top.

The metal studs sticking out of the column are for the 1/4 turn 'knock down' fasteners 



can you see the feminine curves? or is it more Coke bottle shaped?

The mantle top getting the modified crown molding glued on

the lower mantle shelf almost done

test assemble of the raw pieces

The turned profile on the left match's the actual molding on the right

This detail carries the molding's lines across the fireplace to the large column.



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