From Log to bowl

Step one is find a log about the right size and condition


I choose a side and cut it through the pith on the band saw

I use circle templates to decide the outer diameter


I cut out the blank on the band saw

Then I bore a hole for my lathe chuck to grip the blank

I usually mount the blank on the chuck and back it up with the tail rest until it is turned round.

Natural edge walnut bowl blank mounted on lathe

The outside and bottom are turned and the foot is formed

The foot is what I use to hold onto the bowl while I turn the inside.

The inside is removed until about 3/16" wall is left it is then dried then re-mounted and sanded.

here is the bowl being finished, I use a food safe salad bowl oil finish

Several coats of finish later; I took these photo's on a frosty morning

view of the bottom






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