Lathe turned post cover

I start with hollow stave construction, much like a barrel

I am limited on length on my lathe so I broke the project into two pieces.

I will be splitting the cover into two pieces to install around existing pole. I put a sheet of paper between the stave sections where I want to take the turned pieces apart. (arrow above) 

I started with the top section, first step is I turned it round.

Next I using the stairway newel post as a guide I turned the details. I made a socket on the right for the base to slip into.

Same thing with the base, the base slips into the upper section once assembled.

Here are the pieces dry fit together, now I have to split these in half length wise.

I forgot to photograph the split pieces they split apart very cleanly along the paper seam.

I scraped the paper off the edges and adjusted the edge until I had a nice tight fit.

Above is the exposed metal support post, welded and pinned.

Here are the four pieces dry fit onsite. After a little trimming it fit together nice and tight.

I could not put my rubber band clamps around the existing pole so I clamped it with stretch tape. Ugly but effective.

The next morning I removed the tape, sanded and stained it. It still needs a few coats of poly. The color matches the existing wood work quite well.