Ceiling fan blade replacement project

Before: 48" plastic (2) bladed fan with remote, on sale $69


After: 72" airplane propeller style spruce single piece


Started with Two 6' 2x6 glued together


I enlarged a photo of an airplane prop and used it to transfer an outline to the blank.

I then cut the outline on a band saw


I then used a belt sander to rough it to the outline  


Now cut the angled blade with Reciprocating saw



Smoothed the blade with hand plane, belt sander. I balanced the blade as I sanded


I tapped in brass nails at the center points in the front and the back. I used scrap cut off's left over from the blade angle for fulcrums.


Sealed blade with Shellac checked balance at this stage also

 painted the tips red, gold/brass for protective edge cover


Polyurethane coated Faux rivets added


Checked the balance with the pant on

Installed: the balancing was worth it the blade runs wobble free

YouTube video